Building for the Future
We now offer scholarships for Central Oregon students who have received their bachelor's degree and plan to pursue an advanced medical degree. 
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Helping Central Oregon Students
Central Oregon and the nation are experiencing a shortage of Healthcare providers in several professional areas.  

Bend Surgery Center Foundation was organized to assist Central Oregon students who have demonstrated a commitment and desire to pursue further education within the Healthcare industry.  

We see the Healthcare future in our youth, and we want to help them achieve their dreams and degrees. The creation of this Scholarship based Foundation is just one way we're reaching out to encourage students to pursue careers in the medical field.

"Encouraging Careers in Health Care."
President: Neal Maerki  
Secretary: Kiri Simning
Treasurer: Brian Newton  
Diane Bridgeman
Dr. Christina Dellera
Christine Limburg
Susan Miller
Larry Weber  
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"Thank you so very much for the generous scholarship to help fund my education. The money will go towards funding my schooling at Cedarville University in order that I might pursue my dream of being a nurse and eventually a surgeon."

​Lily Remlinger
Central Christian School
Class of 2018  

 “Receiving this money will help my family and I tremendously as I enter college in the fall at Western Oregon University to pursue a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. I am excited for my journey to begin.”​

Abbie Potts
Mountain View High School
Class of 2015